Who represents the interests of artists and sustains the quality of arts? How could artists reach a critical mass to receive adequate funding and maintain financial stability? Are we moving into a virtual art space?

SONDER is an international collaborative experiment on the merge of science and arts challenging that involvement in arts is not merely a form of self-expression but also an abundant source for innovation and is a key tool to understand the future. Without constraints and format restrictions we share stories and reflections on topics, methods and concepts our interviewees are currently working with and combined them with discussions to understand current changes in society, technology and politics.

The obscure word SONDER, coined by John Koenig, is the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. It stands for the awareness that apart from our common state of mind and experience of being the main characters of our own life, there are many main characters around us having the same complexity of thoughts, challenges in their lives. With our conversations we would like to focus on these people at least for a moment of consideration how they perceive, express and enhance change through their daily work in the fields of arts & science.




Painter and Graphic Artist
(Salzburg, Austria)

"Salvador Dali glued mustaches on himself and went to the roof in a storm because he knew everybody would be watching him. But if you think about it -  that a hundred years ago people had to practically “run around with their trousers down” in order to be noticed, then it is simply not enough today to make smaller things."


Curatorial Assistant
University of Applied Arts Vienna
(Vienna, Austria) 

"Obviously, there are processes that can be automatized… but the interesting part comes from the spontaneous links of a human mind and from the coincidence of human thinking. That’s what I find especially exciting as a robot is not able to perform this accidental beauty."


Textile and Product Designer
(Berlin & Copenhagen)

"Combining the outside world with touching in one sense is what we are interested in... communicating ideas through objects and experimenting with materials using textures, shapes and colors. It’s nice to have a product that is both functional and inspires you."


Contamporary Artist
(Vienna, Austria)

"I found it interesting to make a perception around being somewhere real and taking it all in unfiltered as compared to the constant awareness of being able to go somewhere and save everything in our smartphone. So I captured this feeling in association with the reflections in the tiny black mirror landscape painters have been using and in our modern black screens. "